Expense Apps

So this week we are looking at apps to help you with expenses!

Hubdoc: $20/Month

So, I love this little app because it is not only powerful but it captures what most accountants faces look like when clients bring us documents like this.

Umm.. What do you expect me to do with this?!

Must get it done this week and I still have 40 more to go that look the same!

If you do nothing else concerning  your books this year, please at least use an app like this before you bring your taxes in.

– Okay enough of a rant-

Hubdoc is a great little app because it allows you to take pictures of receipts and forward emailed receipts. It also syncs with QuickBooks, thus eliminating double entries! Watch this fun little video.


Expensify: $5/Month

This is a great app for construction companies and those that travel a lot. It has a smartscan feature, which is a learning tool. It will recognize the vendor, the date, and the price automatically. You just need to tell it which report to file the expense under. My next favorite feature if is the mileage tracking, it tracks your mileage using your GPS. My favorite, however, is the reports. You can make reports to track different categories of expenses. Then at tax season, jut forward the reports to your accountant. The receipts are already attached!

quickbooks self-employed: $5/Month – $12/Month

For all of you Schedule C filers out there, listen up, this app will actually create your Schedule C at the end of the year. You can then import it into Turbotax. No need to pay for business tax preparation! This app will also allow you to photograph receipts, track miles, and other expenses. What I really like is that some of your state taxes can also be paid through this app, as well as 1040 ES payments.

Google Drive: Free

Warning first, this app does not have the same level of security as the others, do not store confidential information in it, such as account numbers or social security numbers. However, for those of you who are prone to losing your receipts, your best friend is probably already in your back pocket or purse. You can accomplish the same thing as the above apps by creating folders in your Google Drive and saving pictures of your expenses there, or download them directly from your email into your drive. Just remember to keep a mileage log in your Google Sheets.

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