Eating Well for less than $5

Have you ever noticed how expensive yogurt is? How about Greek Yogurt?

If you buy yogurt in bulk it will probably cost between $15-$45.

What if you could make up to a gallon of yogurt at home for less than $5?

Or, the cost of a 4 pack of Chobani Yogurt but you could get 12 cups instead?

I’ve tried this recipe and it works! Click here for the original recipe. I’ve made some of my own changes below.


  • Buy a small cup of yogurt or use yogurt from a previous batch – this will act as your culture = $0.99
  • Buy 1/2 gallon of milk – Avoid ultra-pasteurized = $3
  • Grab your trust crock pot
  • Grab a thermometer


  1. Turn crock pot on High and bring milk to 180 Degrees.
  2. Remove milk to cool. You can use an ice bath but in the winter setting it on the counter for an hour works too.
  3. Once the milk has reached 115 degrees, remove a little and mix in 2 table spoons of your starter yogurt (aka your culture). Make sure that it is mixed well.
  4. Pour your starter and the rest of your milk back into the crock pot. Whisk thoroughly.
  5. Depending on your pot, place it on low for 8 -12 hours. You need to keep the temperature between 95-115 degrees. This is the incubation period. If your crock pot is below 95 degrees, try putting on high until the temperature is correct, then turn it back to low and wrap in a towel or two.
  6. Strain off the Whey through a cheese cloth. For thicker yogurt, strain more of the whey. (Whey is the liquid that rises to the surface while the yogurt is on the bottom.
  7. Store your yogurt in mason jars in the fridge.

This is a great weekend project to do with kids. The best is this recipe makes about 12 Chobani-sized cups. You can also add fresh fruit, honey, or other flavors to your yogurt. I personally use any leftovers for smoothies.

Have fun!

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