Client Management App

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a cool productivity assisting app for you called Cloze.

So what is Cloze?

Cloze is a free client relationship management system that integrates  with Gsuite platforms and apps.

What does it do? Almost everything! It’s like having your personal assistant in your pocket.

Here are the key features:


From within Cloze all of you email threads are saved to a contact and company. Threads are collapsed but searchable. You can respond to emails on any platform without being in the app. When it syncs it will pull those emails in too.

Teammate and employee emails, both internal and external, can be synced to this app. Which makes client communication supervision and retention a breeze.

You can archive old emails too.


This is where the app shines. You can setup steps for leads, client on boarding, maintenance, exiting or inactive clients. This helps you and your  team remain focused while providing your employees step by step instructions for client interaction management.


Best part of this app are the automated reminders. This reminds you and your team which steps are next and the time frame for completing them. Additionally, you can set communication reminders to assist you with reaching out to those clients you may not have heard from in a while.


You probably do not even realize how much potential business you are losing by not following up on leads, particularly if you are a sole proprietor. This app analyzes your emails for potential leads, and you can manually enter other leads. Once in the system, Cloze will remind you of the next steps and remind you to follow up on your leads.


Once Cloze is set up, you can set it to do a lot of your client maintenance for you. For example, you can create templates and schedule them to go out at different phases of the client relationship, i.e. Touch basis email once per quarter.


A really fun feature is you can add action items straight from emails to a to-do list in the client’s file. They will automatically be added to you calendar and agenda.

Task management – The dashboard shows you what tasks need to be done immediately, what is past due, and what items you have not yet assigned due dates to.

Meeting and Call logs

You can record the time spent in meetings, out-going, or incoming calls, and any notes about the interaction.

If you have any action or follow up item, it can easily be added from the menu.


App syncs with Evernote so you can keep track of your ideas and work flow. No need to worry about lost post it notes.

Also great for client issues, complaints, etc.


Cloze automatically records how much of you time is spent on emails, your conversion rates on customer leads, potential income secured from leads, and how strong your client relationships are. This allows you to improve on weak relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

Over all it is a great app. Check it out!


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