Business Types


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Food and Beverage

From powerful POS Systems, we can put the finishing touch on your business and keep the important stuff organized. No matter how your customers order—at the counter or online—We will make sure you’re covered with a food point of sale, an easy-to-setup menu, and powerful day-to-day insights into your operations.  

Beauty and Spa Professionals

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa or how perfect your hair looks right after a haircut?
What customers do not see are the logistics and overhead costs that go into creating that perfect experience.

At Lockhart Professional Services we offer full-service accounting. We can help you select and set up your POS system, so you do not need to figure out what taxes you need to charge customers. The system will do it for you! We can handle your payroll, track your supplies, expenses, etc.

Law Firms

Never worry about RPC violations or IOLTA mismanagement again. The owners and lead Accountants at Lockhart Professional Services have years of legal support assistance experience. We know the ins and outs of the RPC and dedicate 6-10 hours of CLE Credits each year to stay current on the WSBA laws and regulations regarding IOLTAs and billing practices.

We can handle all of your accounting needs and we even have apps that we offer wholesale to make tracking your time that much easier. You worry about your clients and the casework, we’ll worry about everything else.

Professional Services

There are many cogs that keep a business open and operating but billing and cash flow management are the life-blood of any Professional Service provider. Unfortunately, many business owners either do not hire highly trained professionals to assist them or think that they can not afford to do so. This can lead to all sorts of compliance issues and missed opportunities for you and your business. But now you can have your own team of bookkeepers for less then what it would probably cost to hire an in-house bookkeeper.


While we have some genius accountants and marketing professionals at Lockhart Professional Services, but we also have several shopaholics. That means we are not only dedicated to providing you the best services and customer service we can, we also love to support our local businesses too.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation and we will show you how to grow your business, plus we can take care of all the accounting headaches!

Home and Repair Services

Did you know that almost 80% of new customers come from your previous customers referrals? Do you have a Facebook page?

We know that these communities can be difficult to break into, which is why we have amazing social media experts on staff. We can help you manage your online presence and grow your referrals.

Grocery Stores

We can assist you with front-end to back-end accounting services. We can assist you with POS systems, track inventory, alert you when you need to restock, manage your payroll, file your monthly sales taxes, file your quarterly and annual sales taxes, and more. We strive to make your day-to-day operations as smooth as possible.

Landlords and Real Estate Agents

From tax forms, depreciation, to security deposit compliance, we have services to assist landlords. We also have credit repair programs to help Real Estate Agent clients pre-qualify for mortgages.

Imagine not having to worry about compliance issues or tax forms again.

Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofits require specialized accounting to satisfy and attract grantors. At Lockhart Professional Services we have been working with nonprofits for over ten years. We specialize in making accounting a breeze so that your organization can focus on its important mission.

Transportation Services

Operating a fast-paced limousine service or taxi business can make managing your finances a constant challenge. Staying on top of every day bookkeeping and accounting functions requires considerable time and can stress you resources. When you make use of the transportation accounting services offered by Lockhart Professional Services you’ll save both time and money.

I-502 Industry

We work with producer, processor, and retail clients to convert their business ideas into practical realities. Our job as your strategic counsel is to minimize risks that are within our control and to avoid conflicts that can land you in litigation.

Artist and Crafters

You Dream and Make It Happen!

We’ll just take care of the creativity-killing necessities, like Taxes!


As if working the land and caring for your livestock was not work enough. . .
Unfortunately, farms have some of the more complicated taxing and accounting requirements there are. Fortunately, our Experts at Lockhart Professional Services can handle not only your accounting needs but your farming and individual tax needs as well.

It is our mission to make sure that all businesses have access to affordable, quality accounting services. Please call us to see if you qualify for our special rates for small businesses.