Landlords and Real Estate Agents


Real-estate agent presenting to a couple a project property on tablet PC

You hire property managers and gardens to help you screen tenants and maintain your rental grounds. What about finding assistance managing security deposits, track expenses, calculating your basis and depreciation? We will keep you in compliance with Washington Landlord-Tenant laws.

At Lockhart Professional Services we offer full-service and unbundled accounting services. That means we can handle all of your finances or just take care of your year-end needs. 

Real Estate Agents

download (9)Are you leaving money on the table?  We believe that clients with poor credit are often overlooked. Their names go into a “dead” file and soon forgotten.  This might be the worst sales mistake you can possibly make.  If they can rent; they can buy.  Oftentimes the only thing holding them back is their inability to qualify due to compromised credit. Our team has on many occasions assisted clients to pre-qualify in just a few short months!

Team up with Lockhart Professional Services for more home sales. Our Credit Repair Program is a fast, easy, and reliable way to help clients to pre-qualify for mortgage loans.

We also can assist you with preparing 1099-S forms and your annual tax returns.