Law Firms

We know that IOLTAs can be the ban of an Attorneys existence at time.

We also know how challenging billing can be with clients calling or emailing, not to mention casework and client meetings.

Yet many attorneys, especially solo practitioners, choose to handle their accounting, IOLTAs, and billing in-house out of fear of RPC violations and potential disbarment.

Let us assure you, you no longer have to worry about RPC violations or IOLTA mismanagement. The owners and lead Accountants at Lockhart Professional Services have years of legal support assistance experience. We know the ins and outs of the RPC’s and dedicate 6-10 hours of CLE Credits each year to stay current on the WSBA laws and regulations regarding IOLTAs and billing practices.

We can handle all of your accounting needs and we even have apps that we offer wholesale to make tracking your time that much easier. You worry about your clients and the casework, we’ll worry about everything else.