Tax Preparation and Consulting

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Tax Preparation

We can assist you with your local, state, and federal returns.

While we are happy to prepare your individual or business tax return, it’s smart tax planning that makes all the difference come year end. Our tax specialists can advise you on decisions made throughout the months that can lessen your annual tax burden. With our keen oversight of your return, you can count on receiving every deduction available. Plus, our clients have the added benefit of around-the-clock online access to all their tax documents via a secure personal login on our web site.


download (6)Is your tax bill high or unpredictable from year-to-year? Want to start saving money now?

Our tax specialist generate proactive tax plans tailored to your unique circumstances, which will actually cut your tax bills.

We create easy to follow plans and our specialist will keep you on track. Each of our tax plans includes the following five main sections to better assist your understanding and implementation of your tax plan:

  1. How the Tax System Works:

    This section outlines how the tax system works to lay a foundation for understanding specific strategies to come.

  2. Family, Home, & Job:

    This section covers day-to-day strategies for your family, your home, and your job. This section outlines tax strategies for financing college and elder care, buying and owning your home, and making the most of popular employee benefits.

  3. Your Business:

    Owning your own business—a bona fide business with a legitimate profit intent—is the best tax shelter left in America. This section outlines strategies for organizing your business, deducting day to-day expenses, buying and owning real estate and equipment, and choosing retirement and employee benefit plans.

  4. Your Investments:

    Making money is hard. Keeping it is easier. That’s because you have more control over tax-efficiency than any other aspect of your portfolio. This section outlines how to use IRAs and retirement accounts, how to buy and sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and how to manage real estate for maximum after-tax return.

  5. Cashing Out:

    This final section outlines strategies to defer or eliminate taxes when you sell personal, business, and investment assets. Just one of these ideas can defray thousands or larger in tax bills and help assure your financial legacy for generations.

To view a sample tax plan, please click here.