Debt Settlement

To qualify for our Debt Settlement services, you and your debt must meet our qualification requirements.

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Who Qualifies:

You must also owe more than $7500 and be several months behind in your payments. This is because if you owe less than this and are only a month or two behind on your bills your creditors will have no incentive to negotiate. At this stage they would rather keep harassing you with the hope that they will ultimately be able to collect the full amount of the your debts.

One last criteria for our debt relief program is that you must be going through a financial crisis with no quick end in sight. This could be due to a recent job loss or reduction in hours, a separation or divorce which caused a reduction in income, death of a spouse, unexpected medical or hospital bills, student loans, or IRS taxes to name a few.

We have to demonstrate a financial hardship to your creditors to show that you qualify for a debt relief program. Once we can demonstrate a financial hardship, your creditors will be more likely to listen to our offers for settling your debts for less than the full balance because you cannot afford to pay off the full amount or afford their monthly payments anymore for the time being.


Debts That Qualify Are:

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, etc)
  • Department Store Cards Including Furniture (Sears, Macy’s, Gap, Paypal Store Cards)
  • Gas Cards
  • Bank Loans from Prior Banks
  • Installment Loans
  • Finance Companies
  • Unsecured Personal Loans (American General, CitiFinancial)
  • Repossession Deficiency Balances – you must have the current statement
  • Business Debts – We do prefer for your business to already be closed. Also, you cannot have anything secured tied to any of the business accounts.
  • Bank, Overdraft, and Associated Fees (you must have a statement and the debt must be with a collection agency)
  • Cell Phones (Not Current)
  • Credit Unions whose members are not Federal or Military employees
  • Veterinarian Bills over $500
  • Abandoned Time Shares – You must have current statements provided for them
  • Judgments 6 months or older must be provided with documentation
  • Back Rent (if you are not the current resident any longer)

Debts We May Be Able To Assist With

Student Loans – Private And Federal. Please Contact Us To Discuss Your Specific Situation.